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Starter Cars: ‘98-’02 Camaro Z28

Pros: Lots of power, easy to modify, huge number of used parts available, affordable to fix and modify, and easy to work on   Cons: Cheap interior, class stigma, love it or hate it styling, low visibility       When one is considering what car they…


Misfire: BMW M3

    Since the launch of the 3 series in 1971, BMW has been known as a car company focused on driving. While companies like Mercedes had their sights set on executives in search of a lazy river to float them to their office chairs, BMW was…


Magnum MK5: The New Warrior on the Block

Ever wonder what would happen if all the stars aligned, and the gearhead deities gave us the ultimate gift? Enter the Magnum MK5. It is equal parts Stormtrooper and James Bond, looks like something Racer X would drive, and sounds absolutely evil. The existence of…